Incantations reviewed by Yoga Journal Magazine

“Hindu Jazz Fusion” – Yoga Journal Magazine
by Amanda Russell
August 2014

Before there were love songs to women, there were love songs to gods. Recording artist Sheela Bringi reminds us of that sacred era with her debut solo album, Incantations, conveying her deep spiritual love in a way that even the most secular listener can relate to. Hindu devotional lyrics and traditional Indian instruments unify the album, giving each song a strong and evocative history, even as bright, golden threads of Balkan brass and American blues and jazz  weave through the music. Incantations is the union of Bringi’s worlds: America, where she was born and raised; and India, her ancestral, artistic, and spiritual home.

“Invocation,” which opens the album, incorporates a droning harmonium to complement Bringi’s ethereal voice and elegant harp playing. It’s a perfect meditative start to asana practice. But count on the rest of the tracks to command more attention, in particular “Sri Krishnna,” which features Indian classical vocalist Aditya Prakash, an emotive American-born singer whose deep voice highlights Bringi’s lilting vocals. Incantations is a call to be in the moment.