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Shakti Sutra Named Best New Music for Yoga

Yoga Basics - The Best New Music For Yoga - December Edition

Album Review of Shakti Sutra >>

This beautiful chant album explores traditional Sanskrit mantras and melodies through a diverse tapestry of Indian and Western instrumentation. Sheela’s soaring vocals are wonderfully contrasted by deep soulful male vocals and a potpourri of instruments (harp, flute, harmonium, bass, tabla, viola, trumpet, guitar) are masterfully composed and mixed into an enchanting weave.

12/22/2016 >> go there


Shakti Sutra Album Review by Spirituality & Health

Spirituality & Health Magazine

Album Review of Shakti Sutra >>

by John Malkin

With Shakti Sutra Indian-American vocalist Sheela Bringi and longtime collaborator Clinton Patterson have created a sweet mantra album that is steady and sophisticated. The two honed their musical skills performing together as Premasoul, a group that combined elements of jazz, blues, and Indian chanting. This new offering remains grounded in Hindu mantras with subtle percussion, guitar, and electronics. Bringi’s lovely harp and flute playing stand out—they also recently graced albums by DJ Drez and Dave Stringer, who reciprocates here with vocals on “Krishna Govinda.” Shakti Sutra is calming and uplifting; it’s a journey into peace.

“Playing music has always been a way for me to connect to stillness and a sense of expansiveness within myself, and to feel a sense of openness and connection with my family and community,” Bringi told S&H. “These mantras were chosen to involve the listener. They are an invitation to sing along, sort of a private kirtan. These words have been sung in my family for generations.”

Bringi’s rhythmic harp opens “Ganesha Sharanam” with vocals by Subhashish Mukhopadhay, Sheela’s Hindustani vocal teacher in Los Angeles. “He’s from Calcutta and a disciple of the great Pandit Manas Chakraborty,” Bringi explains. “It is quite an honor for me to have him on this record.”

“Mantras are often as much about the future as they are about the past,” adds Clinton Patterson, who recorded, mixed, and produced the album. “This is the first record where we‘ve put electronics right alongside the tabla, harmonium, and violas. It‘s a new sound for us, but who‘s to say what the voice of God sounds like?”

October 2016 >> go there

Shakti Sutra Album Review by Light of Consciousness

Light of Consciousness Magazine

Album Review of Shakti Sutra >>

SHEELA BRINGI's first album, Incantations, was hailed as "the birth of Vedic Jazz!" She is an Indian-American vocalist and multi-instrumentalist whose musical talent is delightfully fresh. On her latest album, Shakti Sutra, featuring kirtan artist Dave Stringer, she sings verses from the Guru Gita, the Devi Mahatmyam, the Upanishads; mantras to Ganesha, the Gayatri; and traditional kirtan bhajans to Sita Ram, Krishna and Shiva. With an Indian classically trained voice, Sheela, also joined by Clinton Patterson and Subhashish Mukhopadhay, weaves a musical spell with soulful rhythms and acoustic textures. Instruments including bansuri, harp, strings, tabla, manjira, harmonium, guitar and percussions create a captivating synthesis of East and West with Sheela's exceptional voice soaring above all else. Sublime!

Spring 2017 >> view PDF as Article

Shakti Sutra Album Review by Midwest Record

Midwest Record

Album Review of Shakti Sutra >>

Here's a girl that understands how to make girl-friend music. This multi-culti, multi-instrumentalist brings her harp to the fore and makes exotic music that doesn't sound like opium den music. Surprise your gal with this and some incense and candles and she's sure to lavish some surprises on you. A wonderful sonic trip to other places, this will do more for setting the mood you want than old Jackie Gleason instrumental records. Smart stuff throughout.

11/29/2016 >> go there

Midwest Book Review Recommends Shakti Sutra

Midwest Book Review - The Library CD Shelf 

Shakti Sutra Album Mention >>

Highly recommended for connoisseurs of reflective, spiritual soundscapes is Shakti Sutra by Sheela Bringi, an album of evocative music crafted to be especially suitable for chanting, yoga, and movement.

December 2016 >> go there

"Bhakti Without Borders" Nominated for a Grammy

bhakti without borders

Bhakti Without Borders, the beautiful album I worked on with producer Dave Stringer for Madi Das and Kirtan Shakti, has been officially Grammy-nominated for Best New Age Album! All profits benefit education for girls in India. I am a featured instrumental soloist on the album. Check out the story here.





Summer Recap


Dear Friends,

The past four months have been a wonderful whirlwind! From performing and teaching at all six Wanderlust Festivals in North America, to traversing Canada and then to Bulgaria and Germany, it's been a busy summer of touring. We finish up the summer next weekend at Bhakti Fest West in Joshua Tree, California.

Some of my highlights from this summer include playing with Karsh Kale + the Wanderlust Tribe on massive outdoor stages high up in the mountains. In Bulgaria, seeing the incredible fruition of the first annual Yoga + Music festival in the Balkans, Udaya Live, after working with this festival team for over a year! In Germany, performing and teaching at the Jivamukti school in Munich, and playing bansuri with a Bavarian & Turkish brass band.

I am excited to announce that my new mantra album Shakti Sutra (New Earth Records) is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Sounds True. The official release date is October 9th, with an album release concert in Santa Monica, CA, on October 21 (save the date!). For those of you coming to Bhakti Fest West next weekend in California, I'll have advanced copies available for sale.

This Fall, I'm offering my first annual Singing Weekend Immersion in Los Angeles entitled Sonic Yoga: Mantra, Raga, Kirtan, through LMU's Yoga Studies program (it's open to the public!). The investment is $195 for 10 hours of immersion over the weekend of Oct 22/23. I'll also be offering this same weekend training in Boise, Idaho in November.

I'm excited to be offering a special Yoga class in Santa Monica, CA, together with yoga teacher Brent Kuecker, on Sept 16th at 8:30pm. This 1.5 hour class incorporates Yoga Asana, Meditation, and Chanting, nurtured by my music (harp, bamboo flutes and Indian singing).

As well, those of you in Southern California can catch me at LMU's Yoga Day on Sept 17, a full day of free workshops with internationally renowned teachers. I'll be teaching a free singing & mantra workshop that day.

With love,


2014 Albums You May Have Missed

"[Sheela Bringi's Incantations] is like the NPR staff took a notepad and started playing MadLibs "

from: Bearded Gentlemen Music '2014 Albums You May Have Missed'

"We’ve seen it before: a fusion of a genre that could be lazily labled with a world music tag bringing in new instruments to re-contextualize familiar genres.  This time it’s a thavil (a type of Indian drum) that works as a backdrop for Colorado multi-instrumentalist Sheela Bringi’s take on jazz, blues, and brass.  It’s like NPR staff took a notepad and started playing MadLibs.  Of course the rub is that Bringi’s style and songwriting is compelling enough to warrant more work as a session musician if that’s what she chooses.  Incantations didn’t make a huge impact this year, but it is one of the rewards this year had for people who followed the right places closely enough at the right time."


Best World Music Albums of 2014

Sheela Bringi's latest release Incantations makes the Best World Music Albums of 2014 list by World Music Central along with Toumani & Sidiki, Susheela Raman, Noura Mint Seymali and others.

World Music Central’s music critics and special guest revealed today their lists of best world music albums of 2014. Although a handful of albums were released prior to 2014 in some territories, release schedules vary from territory to territory and the majority of these recordings were released in 2014.


"Sheela Bringi’s 'Incantations' is the birth of Vedic Jazz!"

from Spirituality & Health Magazine
Reviewer: John Malkin
2014 November / December

Soulful music has probably always blossomed from an array of musical styles and sounds across planet Earth, carrying within it a diversity of mystical teachings. Incantations, the debut solo album from Sheela Bringi, brings together two rich musical and spiritual traditions of Black American Jazz/Blues and devotional Vedic chanting from India—and the result is dynamic and intoxicating.

Bringi is an Indian-American vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who combines Indian musicality with jazz sensibilities for a new sound where harmoniums, horn sections, harp, and Bansuri flute all share a home together. The album was produced and recorded by longtime friend and musical collaborator Clinton Patterson. The two met at California Institute of the Arts and recorded and toured their groundbreaking Indian-Jazz fusion sound with the band PremaSoul. The highest moments of Incantations are a result of the Bringi-Patterson connection, as heard in their combined vocals on “Peacock,” which also features smooth trumpet textures from Patterson, who was influenced by experimental Jazz trumpet player Jon Hassell.