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SHEELA BRINGI’s first album, Incantations, was hailed as “the birth of Vedic Jazz!” She is an Indian-American vocalist and multi-instrumentalist whose musical talent is delightfully fresh. On her latest album, Shakti Sutra, featuring kirtan artist Dave Stringer, she sings verses from the Guru Gita, the Devi Mahatmyam, the Upanishads; mantras to Ganesha, the Gayatri; and traditional kirtan bhajans to Sita Ram, Krishna and Shiva. With an Indian classically trained voice, Sheela, also joined by Clinton Patterson and Subhashish Mukhopadhay, weaves a musical spell with soulful rhythms and acoustic textures. Instruments including bansuri, harp, strings, tabla, manjira, harmonium, guitar and percussions create a captivating synthesis of East and West with Sheela’s exceptional voice soaring above all else. Sublime!

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