2014 Sun 7/27 – House Concert

Denver , Colorado, USA
Private Residence
I-25 & 8th Ave.
Denver , Colorado 80204

Gig Description


Join us for an intimate House Concert at a beautiful home in Denver

featuring Sheela Bringi + Clinton Patterson on tour from Los Angeles

The mysticism of Indian raga + mantra meets the colorful soul of American blues.

Sheela Bringi and Clinton Patterson transcend boundaries with an intoxicating blend of rich, modern harmonies and old world rhythms, to create songs of rare beauty. Sheela Bringi, a young Indian-American, classically-trained Hindustani musician (originally from Colorado), sings in Indian languages and plays the harp, harmonium and bansuri bamboo flute. Her longtime collaborator, Atlanta-born, African American songwriter/producer Clinton Patterson, sings and plays the blues guitar and trumpet. Drawn together initially by a shared curiosity of each other’s musical heritage, their curiosity has expanded into a long-term collaboration that touches on traditions across the globe.

Refreshments available before & after the show by donation.

music: www.sheelabringi.com/music, www.clintonpatterson.com
video: http://youtu.be/u-k_a0SR7c0

Note: Exact address will be sent in a confirmation email after online payment: tickets.brightstarevents.com/event/SheelaBringiDenver

Location is near the intersection of I-25 and 8th Ave, 5 mins from the Denver Convention Center. Easy free parking. 

As an Indian-American, [Sheela Bringi’s] continued collaboration with Atlanta-born African-American songwriter/trumpeter Clinton Patterson brings forth a sonically pleasing, subtle mix of American South and South Asian musical sensibilities.” – Exclaim! Canada

It isn’t often you hear a harp in Indian music these days. Or a trumpet, or a didgeridoo, or a blues guitar riff, for that matter. That Sheela Bringi incorporates them all as fluid, organic-sounding elements of her music is a testament to her artistry and that of trumpeter/producer Clinton Patterson, as well as their vision of the common ground connecting different cultures…. – Pasadena Weekly

Indian music expands to accommodate the spirit and whatever human circumstances enclose it…Hip-hop, Balkan music and the blues all meld within grooves that only gain intensity from the reformulations Bringi and her collaborators explore…This music isn’t just for your yoga practice. National Public Radio