2020 Sound Soma Workshop

Santa Monica, CA
207 Arizona Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 804-9290
$20 suggested donation

Gig Description

Sound Soma Workshop: Discover and Embody Your Sound

Taught by: Sheela Bringi and Brent Kuecker

The Sound Soma Method is a blend of 3 Yogas: Nada Yoga (the Yoga of sound and singing), Mantra Yoga (mantra recitation), and Hatha Yoga (movement practice).  You are guided to use all three of these Yoga modalities in one seamless practice. The aim of this practice is to realize the already present state of our somatic experience – the “sound” of our inner body – where our personal experience touches the Universal. The entire practice is accompanied by live music that is curated specifically to the physical, meditative, contemplative, and vocal practices. 

Sheela and Brent, creators of the Sound Soma Method, are based in Boulder, CO. Sheela is adjunct faculty at Naropa University.

more about Brent Kuecker: brentsyogaportal.com