2015 Fri 10/9 – Angel City Jazz Festival

Santa Monica, California, United States
1310 11th St
Santa Monica, California 90401
United States
(310) 434-3200

Gig Description

Info/tickets: http://angelcityjazz.com/artists/jon-armstrong-presents-burnt-hibiscus

A 7 song suite celebrating the hypnagogic landscape of Los Angeles
Part of a double bill with Josh Johnson

Music – Jon Armstrong
Lyrics – Erin Susan Francis Armstrong
Vocals – Sheela Bringi

Burnt Hibiscus began as a project to combine the surrealistic poetry of Erin Armstrong with the sublime vocal stylings of Sheela Bringi. The lyrics for the suite illuminate the dream-like quality of life in Los Angeles, which is brought to life by some of the most fiercely creative musicians in the city.

In order to establish unique tonal palates, Armstrong used 7 different traditional Indian ragas, or scales for each piece. In addition, the musicians in the band all get their own feature to further develop the character of the individual songs.

note from the composer:

I am so honored to have these 9 musicians joining me on stage tonight. Each human was chosen due to their depth of artistry on their instrument. They are all able to use their incredible technical abilities to create beautiful and delicate moments of authentic music making that leaves audiences in awe. I want to thank them so much for bringing to life this suite. In addition I want to thank Rocco Somazzi for his tireless efforts to create and maintain a culture of creative art music in Los Angeles. We are so fortunate to have him as an curator of beautiful music.


  • Jon Armstrong – tenor sax, electric guitar
  • Sheela Bringi – vocals, harmonium, harp, bansuri flute
  • Clinton Patterson – trumpet
  • Ryan Dragon – trombone
  • Stefan Kac – tuba
  • Erin Armstrong – clarinet, flute
  • Gavin Templeton – alto sax, flute
  • Brian Walsh – bass clarinet, clarinet
  • Tina Raymond – drum set
  • Chris Payne -kanjira, krakebs, frame drum, pandero, bongos