Sheela Bringi – Shakti Sutra (New Earth Records)


shaktisutra-cvr-rgb-smallAnalog Synths, Lush Strings, and Old-World Chant: Sheela Bringi Weaves Modern and Ancient in Shakti Sutra

Indian American musician Sheela Bringi is steeped in tradition, but doesn’t feel bound by it. Her newest record, Shakti Sutra (New Earth Records), is a modern chant album created from a tapestry of traditional Indian mantras and songs that have been sung in her family for generations. Her harp, harmonium and bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) create an exquisite sonic foundation for her unique singing of Sanskrit mantras. Weave in analog synths, lush strings and modern harmony, and you have one of the freshest takes on the ancient chanting of India in recent times.

In 2016 Bringi was nominated for a Grammy for her work on the album Bhakti Without Borders by Madi Dasproduced by fellow chant artist and producer Dave Stringer. Sheela Bringi and Dave Stringer have toured together for years and their comfort singing together is obvious: Stringer’s harmonies on the track “Krishna Govinda” complements Bringi’s ethereal voice perfectly. Bringi also features the Hindustani singer Subhashish Mukhopadyay – a maestro from Calcutta and a disciple of the great Pandit Manas Chakraborty – on the track “Ganesha Sharanam”. His emotive, highly nuanced vocals soar above richly textured drones and a deep groove laid down by Los Angeles drummer Kevin Yokota.

The album furthers Bringi’s collaboration with Clinton Patterson, a black American producer from Atlanta with a unique slant on blues and spiritual music. “Mantras are often as much about the future as they are about the past,” explains Patterson, who produced and co-wrote the album with Bringi. “This is the first record where we‘ve put electronics right alongside the tabla, harmonium, and violas. It‘s a new sound for us, but who‘s to say what the voice of God sounds like?”

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Video: Krishna Govinda


Video: Ya Devi


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Shakti Sutra Album Cover >> preview file ShaktiSutra-Cvr-RGBPhoto Credit: Dario Griffin
Sheela Bringi 1 >> preview file Sheela1_byRobert_Sturman_1Photo Credit: Robert Sturman
Sheela Bringi 2 >> preview file Sheela2_by_Dario_GriffinPhoto Credit: Dario Griffin
Sheela Bringi 3 >> preview file Sheela3_by_Farah_Sosa Photo Credit: Farah Sosa
Sheela Bringi 4 >> preview file Sheela4_byDario_Griffin2 Photo Credit: Dario Griffin
Sheela Bringi 5 >> preview file Sheela5_by_Eron RauchPhoto Credit: Eron Rauch
Sheela Bringi & Clinton Patterson >> preview file SheelaBringi_ClintonPatterson_by_DarioGriffinPhoto Credit: Dario Griffin
Shakti Sutra Album Credits >> preview file Shakti Sutra_Credits
Shakti Sutra Back Cover >> preview file Shakti_Sutra_Back_Cover

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