2014 Albums You May Have Missed

“[Sheela Bringi’s Incantations] is like the NPR staff took a notepad and started playing MadLibs “

from: Bearded Gentlemen Music ‘2014 Albums You May Have Missed’

“We’ve seen it before: a fusion of a genre that could be lazily labled with a world music tag bringing in new instruments to re-contextualize familiar genres.  This time it’s a thavil (a type of Indian drum) that works as a backdrop for Colorado multi-instrumentalist Sheela Bringi’s take on jazz, blues, and brass.  It’s like NPR staff took a notepad and started playing MadLibs.  Of course the rub is that Bringi’s style and songwriting is compelling enough to warrant more work as a session musician if that’s what she chooses.  Incantations didn’t make a huge impact this year, but it is one of the rewards this year had for people who followed the right places closely enough at the right time.”

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