2024 Sheela Bringi Live in Concert

Boulder, Colorado, US
301 Morning Glory Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80302

Gig Description


Sheela Bringi, a multifaceted musician, effortlessly weaves her Indian roots with modern harmonies and deep rhythms from around the world. During her live performances, her refined skill on the harp, harmonium, and Indian bamboo flute, combined with her ethereal, Hindustani-inflected vocals, creates a captivating and transcendent experience for listeners with open ears and hearts.

Raised in the serene Colorado foothills by her Indian-origin parents, Sheela was immersed in the rich music and devotional chanting of her South Indian heritage. At the same time, she was fascinated by the harmonies and uninhibited spirit of American jazz and blues. As a teenager, she began studying jazz piano, which, alongside her strong foundation in Indian music, paved the way for her collaborations with diverse artists across many genres. She’s worked with experimental music composer Fred Frith, electronic world musician Karsh Kale, blues artist Clinton Patterson, and mantra musician Jai Uttal, among many others.

Her unique musical journey has been shaped by her studies with Indian bansuri legend GS Sachdev, imprinting her music with a spiritual depth rooted in Indian classical rāgas and their healing power. She has also had the great fortune to study with Indian maestro Aashish Khan, experimental harpist Susie Allen, as well as with creative music luminaries Cecil Taylor and Meredith Monk. She continues her study of Indian Classical music with vocal maestro Subhashish Mukhopadhay. Her broad-ranging musical learning enables her to move fluidly between and amidst worlds.

Her two solo albums, ‘Shakti Sutra’ and ‘Incantations,’ have received critical acclaim from media outlets like NBC News, NPR, and Public Radio International, highlighting her versatility and cultural impact. As an educator, Sheela Bringi is committed to sharing the transformative power of sacred sound and music. She serves as adjunct faculty at Naropa University in Boulder and is a co-founder and lead teacher in the Sacred Sound Lab, an online school educating a global community of students in sacred Indian music.